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This is Mielita, the daughter of Don Tino who lives in a "champa". She's beautiful.

Updated: May 28, 2020

A champa is a very basic home in marginal communities. They are usually made out wood, some adobe (depends), and tin roofs. The floor is usually dirt. Even though Don Tino has little to give to Mielita in terms of shelter, he has a lot of love for her. We have sterilized her and made sure she is healthy. She has returned home. She won't have any more puppies in the future. Emilie will also check in on her from time to time, or they will come to the see the Vet, Marvin. Don Tino loves and takes care of four other female doggies, three of which we aim to sterilize. The fourth one will be sterilized by a private donation outside of this GoFundme.

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