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June 2nd Emilie receives 3rd transfer of donations $170 from GoFund me & $430 from other donations!

It was ready on Friday, we had a tropical storm and she could only today, Tuesday.  She was also busy helping humans affected by tropical storm Amanda.  After Charlie, we have rescued just one more doggie, a puppy, and we will be posting the pictures soon.  The other donations that came to GoFundme after closing the $170, are about $50 dollars, that will go will to helping Charlie.

  1. Also, as you can see. the envelope says that $170 from GoFundme and $430 from OTHER donations. These other donations come in cash directly to me, Sandra Borgonovo, or to Emilie Pohl de Bondanza. She picks them up, in cash. I also have received some donations via Paypal from people that know and trust me.  So today she received a total of $600.  I will post both the detail of GoFundme donations and its allocation as well as the "other" donations, under the TAB "GoFundme Results" on this website.

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