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Emilie receives $50 more from GoFundme and $190 from other donations.

As of June 12th, 2020, Emilie received the last $50 raised for total of $1,220 from GoFundme. (we round up always and incur costs ourselves and ATM withdrawal costs). The actual GoFundme raised, after after fees, currently stands at $1,216.83, happily adjusted to $1220. Other donations are $140, as of today, June 12th, summed with the earlier donations given to Emilie of $430, we have raised a total of $570 in other donations (Paypal and direct transfer to Dr. Vet. Marvin Smith's account here in El Salvador, local donations). TOTAL DONATIONS FROM GOFUNDME AND OTHER DONATIONS IS $1,220+570 = $1,790.00 JUST AMAZING! JUNE 12TH, 2020. Just Amazing! Thank you!

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