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Our Rescues during November-December 2020

Rescates en Noviembre y Diciembre 





Musi la encontramos cachorrita, desnutrida y muy pequenita. Ahora, esta perfecta, contenta, y tiene hogar temporario.  Es de caracter alegre y muy carinosa. Ayuda con su cuido, hasta hoy es $195, por su recuperacion y $105, medicinas y estadia en la Veterinaria, y estirilizacion $90.

We found Musi, a puppy, malnourished, and very small.  She recovered and was recently neutered. She now has a temporary home and is looking for a forever home.  Sponsor her care. Neutering costs $90. Overnight stay at Vet with care, medicines and food $105.  Any amount is welcome. UPDATE: ADOPTED!!! 

Total $195.00





Sandy was rescued from being tied up in sun without food or water and was abused. As you can see here she is highly malnourished.  She is also very scared because she does not trust and has never received love as you can see in the way she holds herself.  She has been taken home by Emilie because she needs around the clock care. She was not eating today, November 30th.  We hope with Emilie's love and 24/7 care that she will recover.  We will update you on her progress. She was at MARVET for a week, yet know she will be in a home environment, where she will be cared for with extra love.


Sandy estimated care because it will take time we are asking for $200.00, any amount is welcome. One week at the Vet with care and more to come.


EMILIE with Blondie SANDY, and she has been ADOPTED. 



This is MIMI, and it is the first time she goes out for a walk.  She did not want to at first and then did not want to go back inside. Of course, she loved it outside, she just needed to be carried out and in. Pending is the cost for neutering:  $90.00. MIMI HAS BEEN ADOPTED!  Nov. 30, 2020


Mila Niña Bonita Resting/Descansando en Veterinaria Marvet. Tuvo vida dificil pero aqui sientiendo paz y descanso. She had a tough life, now she feels rest and care/The  before video is on our home page


Milagro nuestra nina bonita 

MILA'S video was posted on Facebook. A caring and very concerned Angel called out for help. MILA had been run over twice and had been dragging her back legs for a duration of time that is unknown. She was scared, sad, and angry and did not let us touch her too much. She did eat well, however. She came in paralyzed, with a permanent curve in her spine, and in extreme pain because the dragging of her back legs had cut into her feet all the way to the bone.  It was suggested by the Vet that the most compassionate care would be to put her to sleep.  We kept her for three days and nights and cured her flee problem and gave her medicine to help her feel better. She experienced peace and care for three days and gave us time to arrive at a decision.  We were there for her transition.  Her miracle is the absence of pain.  We thank the women that alerted everyone on Facebook. Mila's care payment has been settled

IMG-20201126-WA0000 (1).jpg

Cuidada por Dr. Marvin Rivas


"Everything is Yours, we are just giving her back to You, compassionately and with the utmost love and respect."

"Todo es tuyo Señor, solo te la regresamos en descanso, con compasion y con el mayor amor y respeto. " 

"Sleep, rest peacefully; our niña bonita"

"Duerme, descansa nuestra niña bonita"

MILA - Milagro - Nuestra niña bonita - Español

El video de Mila fue publicado en Facebook. Un ángel cariñoso y muy preocupado pidió ayuda. MILA había sido atropellada dos veces y había estado arrastrando las patas traseras durante un tiempo que se desconoce. Estaba asustada y enojada y no nos dejó tocarla demasiado. Entró paralizada, con una curva permanente en la columna vertebral y con un dolor extremo porque el arrastre de sus patas traseras le había cortado los pies hasta el hueso. El veterinario sugirió que el cuidado más compasivo sería ponerla a dormir. La mantuvimos durante tres días y tres noches, curamos su problema de huida y le dimos medicamentos que la ayudaron a sentirse mejor. Experimentó la paz durante tres días y hablamos con ella todos los días. Estuvimos allí para su transición. Su milagro es la ausencia de dolor. Agradecemos a las mujeres que alertaron a todos en Facebook.  El cuido de MILA ha sido pagado.



This is Dulce, with severe skin problems and malnourished we will give all the basic treatment for parasites, skin, nutrition, and overnight stay. Her treatment so far is the following: $110 for overnight care, she is still with us.  Treatment for Skin and bath $40. Proplan food for $25.00.  Future Sterilization when she is well enough is $90.00

Care Total: $175.00

Future Stelization for adoption: $90 

Se trata de Dulce, con graves problemas de piel y desnutridos le daremos todo el tratamiento básico para los parásitos, piel, nutrición y pernoctación. Su tratamiento hasta ahora es el siguiente: $ 110 por atención nocturna, ella todavía está con nosotros. Tratamiento de piel y baño $ 40. Proplan comida por $ 25.00. La esterilización futura cuando esté lo suficientemente bien es de $ 90.00

Total del cuido: $ 175.00 

Estelización futura para adopción: $ 90


Canela is now healthy enough to be sterilized.  She was treated for malnutrition, parasites, and still lives in her own home in the outskirts of El Salvador.  She will be sterilized on December 2nd, 2020, this is the only part left to pay. In the future, Emilie will swing by her house from time to time to make sure she is receiving nutrition. Total Just Sterilization $90.00. Canela was sterilized and returned to her home in December 2020.


Canela ahora está lo suficientemente sana como para ser esterilizada. Fue tratada por desnutrición, parásitos y aún vive en su propia casa o champa en las afueras de El Salvador. Ella será esterilizada el 2 de diciembre de 2020, esta es la única parte que queda por pagar. Esterilización total justa $ 90.00.  Emiie estara pendiente de chequear que esta recibiendo su nutricion. 

sasha iv.jpg


She almost did not make it

But she's thriving 

She was on an IV for days, did not want to eat, and now she is a ball of energy and love. She's a beauty as well. She's now eating on her own, and soon well enough to be neutered.  She is at home now and we will check up on her to make sure her owners take care of her. 



We rescued Blanqui during a street doggie feeding mission in mid-January. Her treatment has continued until  February.

On the left, Emilie is holding Blanqui. She is malnourished, has a pink skin color, and a rash.  We see her just two weeks later, and she's turning into another beautiful Swedish Blond. Hair has grown on her paws and has gained weight. Just amazing. She will be neutered soon. Blanqui has a home so after her operation she will go back to her family and friends. 


 Cutie Candy

This is Cutie, she moved our donors. 

Her owners though, call her Cuta. As you can see she is inflamed and has a severe skin condition, which can only get worse with further scratching and infection. She was rescued.  Now cured, went back home to her brothers and sisters.  We rescue from homes that cannot afford to treat their dogs, or do not know how. Yet out of love they take them in.  On the right Cutie back home with her brothers and sisters just perfect!



Cumbia, yes it's the name of a dance style.

Rescued because she is malnourished.  For some reason the food Emily brings and what they are giving her is not enough.  We took her to Dr. Marvin for a check up, update soon. Once she is better she will also be sterilised.  On the right Cumbia losing her fear of being taken from her home and wanting to explore.



A puppy without a Mother and her litter

She was rescued by Emilie, checked by Dr. Marvin Smith Rivas, and was OK.  She was given puppy food, yet she was too young to stay at Vet. Emilie found her a temporary home, so she could be cuddled like a puppy should be like his mother.  Now she is at his forever home. 

tiny little 2.jpg


Lucky Angel

Meleki, had a tumor, thankfully easily treatable.  She was rescued from her home whose owners did not know she had one.  With a few rounds of chemotherapy the tumor is gone and she will live a healthy life with her family and brothers and sisters.  


  Osa had her babies

She is healthy and so are her babies.

We took her for a check up before she had her pups because her abdomen felt hard, and it seemed to owners the pups weren't moving. Dr. Marvin Smith confirmed he heard heartbeats and all was well.  She delivered this month.  Her pups are well taken care of and all, including Mom had check ups. The Pups will be up for adoption. OSA will be sterilised as soon as she is ready, and will go back home.



Look at Lassie, how can we not help that sad, cutie face

As you can see in the picture on the left she is malnourished, has a skin infection, probably parasites and well just not too happy taken into Dr. Marvin Smith Rivas and you can see the result on the right.


 Monica the Miracle

This rescue truly needs no words

It is amazing what a little love and care can do.  Wow. These little creatures bounce back so happily and gratefully. What more can we say?

She was also sterilized. 

Much love to this one.

It took 20 days!

Monica despues.jpg


Arriving at MARVET to be sterilised

Kiara is healthy so her procedure will be immediate and maybe she will stay one night.  Some of our rescues, the ones that are fed properly by their owners or with Emilie's Angels help are returned if possible the same day. 

Vauqita .jpg

11.  Vaquita

Arriving at MARVET to

be cared for

Vaquita like most has skin problems, will be treated for parasites. When she is strong enough and after adequate nutrition will be sterilized and will be put up for adoption. We found an adoptive home for her where she will have two siblings.

after vaquita.jpg

12.  Daisy

She was taken to MARVET for sterilisation and returned home

Her owner kept her tied up most of the time fearing that she would get pregnant and keep the male dog she has separated.  She said she would not do that anymore if she was sterilised.  She is now sterilised and free to play and be.

No after needed since she was healthy.  In and out operation.

This space is for before and afters. Yet when the doggies are healthy and just come in for sterilization and go home we would like to at least show you the sterilization. For those that would like to see the sterilization. It is not shocking it is a picture of them resting.   Dr. Marvin performs a non-invaside produce through a small hole. 

Picture to come soon.


This is Osita, not OSA like above.  They have similar names.  

Look at that face.  A stellar Mom.

She is tired buy happy. The puppies are so cute. 

Her pups are being cared for at MARVET.

Osita will be neutered.  Osita had all boys. The the family decided to keep them all.

Osita babies.jpg

 Osa and her babies

She is healthy and so are her babies.

We took her for a check up before she had her pups because her abdomen felt hard, and it seemed to the owners the pups weren't moving. Marvin, our Vet said the pups were all right, so she was sent home.


The babies have been born and we had them at the Vet for two three weeks which went into March.  She birthed all girls so her puppies are up for adoption.  

See the end of this page for pictures. 



Before and after- the transformations is breathtaking

Dulce now!  Beautiful Golden hair, and sweetest, most grateful dog you can imagine.  Dulce was rescued last year, and she has been recovering at MARVET. It took about two months for her to get better. We are putting her again here because she is waiting for a forever home. Dulce has found a home, and she will be living in the country with lots of space!! March 25th.

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