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Running Dog

As part of Emilie's Angels we are always trying to find innovated ways to keep the costs down. Emily goes out almost every day to feed and cure street doggies and then identify which ones need more care.  Those that are not well, we bring them to Veterinary Marvet.  with Dr. Marvin Rivas in Nuevo Cuscatlan El Salvador.  They are easy to rescue because they get to know when we bring the food.  We especially focus on the female dogs, bring them in get them healthy so that they can be neutered and therefore reduce the cycle of suffering of female dogs having infinte amount of litters until they die. 

We will be posting the new rescues by month so that it will be easier for you to keep up.  On this page we will be adding pitrues of our outings to feed the doggies.  Thanks so much for being interested and helping us.  

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