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 2021 RESCUES 

Some of the dogs we "rescue" are living with very low-income families. Dogs show up at their homes, and many families keep them. However, they cannot care for them properly. Emilie's Angels Feeding Program helps these families keep their dogs healthy. 


We only do the easy part, skin infections, feedings, and love. When the dogs show a more severe condition and malnutrition, we take them to Veterinary MARVET. This is when we need more help from donors.  We neuter the females and sometimes the males, preventing breeding in their homes and neighborhood. t


The female dogs that have owners go home about a day after the operation.  The cost of the operation is $90, the rate at cost. Thank you to all donors!  We have been able to do so much more with the GoFundme campaign, which adds to our local donations. 



Our first rescue - April

He is Jorgito, Emilie rescued him this day because the owner kept him tied up without food or water and in the sun.  He had a bath; he was full of f of fleas! Will treat him and he will be up for adoption - he needs a family that will love and take care of him.  Male, 3 years old.


Covered! :) Jorgito's care was $70 for recovery and $50 for sterilization.

Total: $120


She was sterilized and went home with her Mom

Notice -- she has a small hole in the belly.   Dr Marvin Smith Rivas is wonderful and has mastered this non-invasive procedure.

In the middle of the circle, in the picture on the right is the small incision through which Dr. Vet Rivas removes the reproductive organs. You can see it is a bit red, or inflammed. They recover very quickly with this procedure.


Fulfilled. :) Sterilization $90



Was rescued on March 29th so she is on that page. Sterilized on the 5th.  We still need help with her sterilization

Her sterilization plus care is part of April expenses.  Look at her on the right.  She is so much better and she will not breed with her playmates.  You can see she had at least one litter before we met her (on right droppy breasts) Emilie has also educated the family of how much they need to eat, and we deliver food to them as well.



Nieve's Sterilization


Osas's beautiful girls Adoption

At the Vet 



Fulfilled $150  for  puppies to cover expenses of these check ups and basic care. Fullfilled $180



Kaya and three of her puppies are at the home, a low income home that cannot afford sterilization.  We hope to sterilize Kaya soon, and three of her puppies, please help us. 

PAID : Kaya's Sterilization and two of her puppes.  $270




Misty is malnourished so she will be included in our feedings.  She had 7 pups, 5 were given away.  Misty will be sterilized and one of her puppies which is female.

PAID Misty's Sterilization and one of her puppies. $180 sterilizations and care $50



Our gorgeous new rescue

What to name a chocolate princess? Nutella, of course. Emilie found her on the street, yet later learned she does have a home. Thankfully, they agreed that we could take her to get treatment while Emilie educates her family on caring for her. Also, she will be neutered when she gets strong enough.

PAID- Her care has been fulfilled $ 90 for sterilizations and $30 for recuperation and care.



What a happy ending and a story for September 11th.  Libertad means freedom. We named her Libertad because Emilie found her in a confined, dirty space. She was kept there since she was 3 months, for two years.  RESCUED - with the cellmate brother Charlie. She was sterilized and now living at the beach! With her new father. JUST AMAZING

Her cell-mate Charlie has been rescued and neutered too, yet still waiting for a home.

Libertad and Charlie.jpeg

$110 for her sterilization, care and boarding

honey 1.jpeg


Honey was sterilized and returned home

She lives in Sihuapilapa El Salvador 

She was sterilized, her total care was $90 dollars. When they have an owner it is easier and less costly.  They come in for the operation and if healthy, go home the same day. 

Honey is back at home with her brothers and sisters.

Fulfilled her 

sterilization and care



Was rescued this cutie, found at a supermarket near Costa del Sol Beach.  

Emilie tried to find a home for her, yet no one came forward. Emilie had to return her where she found her.  She realized that Marimar IS happy at the supermarket. People know her and take care of her.  She's a sweetheart and you can tell from that face - picture on the right. 

Marimar 2.jpeg

Fulfilled Sterilization $90.

Here recovering at MARVET

horrible conditions.jpeg


These were the conditions Charlie and Libertad were living in. 

Full of feces, and were not let free. Emilie offered to take them from the owner, he easily acquiesced. Charlies has been sterilized yet waiting for adoption still at MARVET 

Libertad and Charlie.jpeg

His sterilization is $70

plus care for a few weeks before we find him a home, Total about $120



She has a home and many brothers and sisters, so it is important to sterilize her. Here seen with her puppies.  The last time she will give birth. She was sterilized on September 14th and went back home on the same day.She lives in Canton Mano de Leon, El Salvador

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